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                                         Horse Communication and Intercultural Experience
                                       in the land of the beautiful horses and fairy chimneys

                                                        4 Day Humanship Horsemanship Workshop
                                            With Ian and Anke Benson & cutural guided tour with Şöhret Gök,
                                                                       in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is known for its amazing beautiful and unique landscape and historical sites and has been under the protection of UNESCO for over 30 years. Here you can go hiking amongst the tuf formations (fairy chimneys) and visit the Byzantine rock churches.

The Horse trekking Centre Kirkit run by the family Diler and their team is situated at the river Kızıl Irmak in the small and picturesque town Avanos. Kirkit offers rides from two hours to 9 days as well as mountain biking, hiking or sightseeing tours to Göreme or underground cities of the first generation of Christians who found refuge in the area.

Humanship Horsemanship Workshop:

For the first time ever you have the wonderful opportunity to attend a Horsemanship Workshop in this magical area of Turkey, combine it with a 3 or 6 day horse trek and experience an amazingly different holiday.

Ian Benson, Horseman from New Zealand has been working with horses for more than 25 years and follows the Horsemanship pricinples of Ray Hunt, Bill & Tom Dorrance.

Anke Benson with her training in psychology and psychotherapy along with her passion for horses and nature compliments the work, offering a different view point on the interactions she sees and relating this back to the people.

With their background in Equine Assisted Coaching & Learning they bring together and use a variety of skills in a very unique way to help both humans and horses come together in more harmony with each other.
  The relationship between human and horse is the focus of our work. In our workshops we teach concepts which enable you to form a better relationship with your horse from the ground or from horseback. One goal is to raise the awareness how a change in our attitude or behaviour is reflected by the horse‘s behaviour. To realise what and how we communicate with our body language. Ian helps you to see how the horse percieves us in a situation and Anke supports the process of change from the human perspective.
In this way we have a chance to realize how the horse sees us, what improves the relationship or what lessens or decreases the quality of our relationship.
The aim: A harmonious relationship between human and horse based on trust and respect.

For the workshop there will be Kirkit‘s horses to learn with and from. The workshops will consist of a beginner group (Introduction to Humanship) and an advanced group (for those who have already participated in a Humanship course). Each group will have 4 hours per day for 4 days , either in the morning or the afternoon.
In the half day free time you can go and explore the stunning area e.g. trekking tours on horseback or hiking, sight seeing tours, rafting, pottery or hot air ballooning.

Cultural Guided Tour Experiencing the Turkish culture with all your senses. Would you like to experience Capadocia aside the normal touristic activities and meet the locals, talk, cook and eat together and get a full taste of Capadocia‘s amazing culture? Şöhret Gök invites you to meet local families in the Capadocian mountains and be part of their daily life for half a day.
  We will start with an introduction into the Turkish culture enriched by personal experiences and stories. Then we will visit a Turkish family and experience rural living up in the mountains. Together with the family we will prepare a typical Anatolian meal followed by dining together.

   For many years Şöhret Gök has been guiding/introducing people with lots of passion, humour and joy to the Turkish culture while living in Cologne. Şöhret‘s roots are German/Turkish but grew up in Germany so she knows how to build the bridge between the two cultures, and can share different aspects of German and Turkish through her own personal experiences. The focus for her is the non-tabu orientied introduction and experiences of daily real life. Every year she visits Capadocia and has a deep understanding and love for this area and the people and their horses. She lives in Cologne and works as a mediator, coach and lawyer.

Trail Ride: After the 4 days of Horsemanship Workshop you have the opportunity to combine your stay with a 3 or 6 day horse trek. „Gallop your way through grandiose landscapes and trot through the region’s rich history: Byzantine churches, troglodyte monasteries and underground cities. From canyon to canyon, from valley to valley and through tunnels, you’ll cover the terrain on your Anatolian horses accompanied by the smiles of the friendly and hospitable inhabitants of this area“. At the end of each day relax and enjoy the traditional food prepared by the chef and the team before you fall asleep in your tent in this remarcable landscape. Kirkit has got around 40 Arab and Barb horses. The horses are both vivid and enduring. They are surefooted and are accustomed to trails and the steep terrain of Capadocia. The team consist of professional trail guides who speak English and French and take excellent care of their guests.

Accomodation: During the workshop you will stay at Kirkit Pension, a pleasant ensemble of semi-cave old Anatolian houses, tastefully restored and set around a central courtyard, with a particularly friendly atmosphere. In summer and when weather permits, meals (breakfast and dinner) are served in the courtyard. Kirkit pension is meticulously kept. Its team accords great importance to keeping the intimate family atmosphere with a quality and professional welcoming.

Date: 19.09. - 23.09.2015 (Arrival date 18.09.2015) Services : A Minimum of 5 participants per course is needed:
• 4 x Half-Day Workshop with Ian and Anke Benson (4 hrs per day), min. of 5 participants per course
• Cultural guided tour and cultural introduction with Şöhret Gök (aprox half a day)
• Full board and lodging for 6 nights (including the night of 18.09.2015)
• Transfer from the airport Nevşehir or Kayseri (flight is excluded) Pricing (Workshop, Cultural guided tour, food & accomodation)
Price per person single room, full board 695 €
Price per person double room, full board 545 €
Price per person triple room, full board 529 €

Additional activities

Trailride after the Workshop:

3 day Horse Trek: 24.09.-26.09.2015 (Thurs-Sat ) 350€ (Tour and full board)
More information about this trail ride: 1130_1162.html

6 day Horse Trek 24.09.-29.09.2015 (Thurs-Tue) 1.050€ (Tour and full board)
More information about this trail ride: 1130_1163.html

Other activities:

Pricing (per person)

Pottery Workshop, approx. 2 – 3 hours –            25 Euro
Full day Canyon Trekking Tour                          35 Euro
Half day Tour Rafting Kizil Irmank                     70 Euro
Trail rides:
2 hours                 35 Euro
half day                 50 Euro
full day                  70 Euro
Sight seeing tours   60 Euro

(Göreme Museum, Üçhisar castle, underground city and several canyons) , min 6 participants

Getting there: The arrival is on Friday 18.09.2015. The flight is not included in the prices and has to be organzied by everyone themselves. The nearest airports are Nevşehir and Kayseri and transfers are organised. Please let us know the exact arrival and departure dates.

Bookings (Workshop & Trail Ride) at Kirkit :

Kirkit Voyage, Atatürk Caddesi No: 50, Avanos, Kappadokia, Osman Diler
Tel. 0090/ 384 511 32 59
Fax 0090/ 384 511 21 35

Information about the Workshop with Ian and Anke Benson: or

Booking Details:

Booking is possible until the 31st of July 2015. Flights have to be booked individually. Transfers from the airports Kayseri and Nevsehir are included in the price. (Please give flight details when you book and if you want a transfer). Workshop: Minimum number of bookings required 5 participants per course Please see contract and cancellation details on the website:

Transfers from all other airports has to be organized by everyone themselves.

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